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Online Escape

A pandemic is upsetting the world and there is only one person who can create an antivirus: the famous Dr. Zikkenberg! In the guise of international spies, you will have to leave for Berlin, discover the antivirus formula and hand it over to the DPI, the international protection department. Will you find Zikkenberg before the terrible Tyler Wallace?

90 minutes


1 to 6 PCs

ita only

60 minutes


1 to 6 PCs

ita only

How to play

Connect live with the secret agent of the d.P.I and immerse yourself in this online “Point-and-click” adventure that will keep you glued to your screen and mouse for 90 minutes!

You can play virus escape alone, with your company or also at a distance with your team!
The important is to play on pc / tablet and keep your smartphone available!

Price list

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The payment must be made before booking, indicate in the notes name, surname and type of payment.

You can pay through bank transfer
IBAN: IT78d0503403206000000004413 headed to ‘ASD Magic’.

Through paypal by sending the payment to info@magicescape.It

… Or via postepay top-up:
Card n ° 5333171111491631 headed to Flavio Iacobini, CF: CBNFLV84L07H501Q

Didn’t find the right timeslot for you?
Call us: 370 11 41 293

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